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NIGEL FREEMAN Nigel Freeman Paintings and Drawings June 1998
DENISE KEIM Denise Keim Photographs July 1998
DAVID AND JEFFREY TOMPKINS David and Jeffrey Tompkins Comix August 1998
MELISSA GOULD Melissa Gould Installation September 1998
MISS JULIE Miss Julie Horoscope October 1998
ANDREW BOARDMAN Andrew Boardman A Painting November 1998
VICTOR SPARROW Victor Sparrow Animation December 1998
MANDY KEIFETZ Mandy Keifetz Fiction February 1999
In Memory of
Ingrid Washinawatok
Ingrid Washinawatok   March 1999
KARA HAMMOND Kara Hammond Paintings April 1999
BRUNO SCHULZ Bruno Schultz Drawings June 1999
ISABELA BASOMBRIO Isabela Basombrio Drawings July 1999
JENNIFER FIORE Jennifer Fiore Photographs September 1999
MARY MORE Mary More Paintings November 1999
S.M. MOALIE S. M. Moalie Animations January 2000
ZBIGNIEW LIBERA Zbigniew Libera Photographs & Drawings March 2000
LINDA JANTZ Linda Jantz Poem May 2000
RAVI SINGH Ravi Singh Animation July 2000
JENNY HART Jenny Hart Collage October 2000
LENIO GROHMANN Lenio Grohmann Paintings December 2000
MELISSA GOULD Melissa Gould Print January 2001
ALEX SACUI Alex Sacui Animation March 2001
DIANE HOFFMAN Diane Hoffman Paintings May 2001
STEVE CANNON Steve Cannon Interactive August 2001
None in Memory None   September 2001
JASON KOTTKE Jason Kottke Blog November 2001
MADDALENA POLLETTA Maddalena Polletta Artists Books January 2002
FRED BETZ Fred Betz Paintings March 2002
MACIEJ TOPOROWICZ Maciej Toporowicz Photographs & Music May 2002
SUSAN GRAHAM Susan Graham Photographs August 2002
ANDY SIMIONATO Andy Simionato Animation December 2002
PAUL MIYAMOTO Paul Miyamoto Paintings March 2003
TRICIA KEIGHTLEY Tricia Keightley Paintings July 2003
LYNN TALBOT Lynn Talbot Paintings October 2003

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