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 The Archives: Steve Cannon, June 2001
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Steve Cannon.

Steve Cannon writes the following on
"TEXT.URE synthesizes literary fiction, visual abstraction, and user interaction. It uses a transcendent interface [Figure 1] to a non-linear narrative and by encouraging users to explore the visual space it mystifies and subverts the reading process. In the process of investigating the interface, the user learns how to reveal their version of the story."

Figure 1.
[Figure 1] This is a page taken out of the TEXT.URE narrative.
To interact with the work, click on the picture and then click on ENTER THE SITE.
TEXT.URE is now on exhibit at SF MOMA.

About Steve Cannon:
Steve was once Chief Technology Officer at OVEN and a speaker and writer on combining technology and design. After studying physics at Columbia University Steve spent several years in physics graduate school. He studied path integration and groups in physics with Mathematical Physicist Cecile DeWitt-Morette at the University of Texas. At his first real job, at i/o 360, he created three java text experiences: Dispatched Triptych, Parasite, and now TEXT.URE, as well as programming on projects for Compaq, Network Flight Recorder, and Microsoft. He has spoken at the Signs of Trouble series in Vienna, at the Netherlands Design Institute, and at Web 98. Steve also composed the text for TEXT.URE.

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