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The Site at MANOVERBOARD has called it quits, at least temporarily, in early 2005. Sadly, other responsibilities have made it difficult to keep this site updated and fresh.

The Site at MANOVERBOARD will continue to operate as is with a complete Archives section.

We hope you will continue to enjoy the work on this site.

-- Editor.


The Site at MANOVERBOARD features artists and writers of extreme vision -- approximately every month every few months. We're an online gallery that serves up and archives what we hope are new visions of the world which are too rarely seen.

Our mission is to help bring forth new artists who are pushing the boundaries of their respective media, whether painting, drawing, photography, animation, and interactive and conceptual art.

The Site at MANOVERBOARD is owned and operated by MANOVERBOARD, L.L.C., which designs and develops Web sites, as well as printed materials, for a diverse roster of organizations. The company also publishes Deckchairs on the Titanic, a Web log on art, technology, history and other historiographies.

We are continually seeking new people with vision to feature on the site. There is no cost to the artist to be featured, exhibited, or be placed in the Archive.

Our objective is simply to shine light on work that expands the limits of beauty and meaning in this difficult new era.

Please send your submissions, comments, critiques, and ideas to:

Thank you.

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