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 Dec. 2004:
 Our last artist.
 For now.

Ruth Root painting
 Isabela Basombrio
 Fred Betz
 Steve Cannon
 Jennifer Fiore
 Nigel Freeman
 Melissa Gould
 Susan Graham
 Lenio Grohmann
 Kara Hammond
 Jenny Hart
 Diane Hoffman
 Linda Jantz
 Mandy Keifetz
 Denise Keim

Tricia Keightley
Jason Kottke
Zbigniew Libera
S.M. Moalie
Mary More
Maddalena Polletta
Alex Sacui
Andy Simionato
Ravi Singh
Victor Sparrow
Lynn Talbot
David and Jeffrey Tompkins
Maciej Toporowicz
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Deckchairs on the Titanic.


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