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 The Featured Artist: Andy Simianato, November & December 2002
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I have been paying much attention and much heed to a little online magazine called This is a Magazine. The publication is indeed little in scale, measuring perhaps a few inches by a few inches across one's screen. But it's very large in ambition, pulling together a variety of original artists whose work is rich, pretty, and very unafraid.

Andy Simionato is the co-producer of This is a Magazine, which also features his work. He and his partner, Karen Ann Donnachie, live and work in Milan, Italy.

I'm honored to show a few of Andy Simionato's rarely seen and unusual Flash pieces on The Site. These works demonstrate an untold longing for strange days past and long days future. Somehow educational in feel, these simple works speak volumes about how images feel and how we feel when they and we are repeated over and over again. I hope you'll look at all three pieces and then go visit his publication.

-Andrew Boardman, Editor.

Animation 1 Animation 2 Animation 3 This is a Magazine

Artist's Statement
Popular or found imagery arranged in idiosyncratic patterns,
create a machine-like device, (this is also relevant to the non-animated
body of work), ultimately i wish no control over this machinery,
by behaving in unpredictable ways these machine-images help me return to a
more innocent way of seeing. An image as a toy.







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