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 The Archives: Melissa Gould, January 2001.
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For the first time ever, a formerly Featured Artist on MANOVERBOARD, returns.

Melissa Gould, a conceptual artist who first exhibited her work on MANOVERBOARD in September 1998, is the Featured Artist of the first month of the new millennium.

NEU-YORK (2000) -- a major new work -- is a four-color lithographic map, depicting Manhattan in the late 1930s with street names and locations replaced by those of Berlin during the same period. The lithograph measures 27 inches X 43 inches (68cm X 109cm) and is printed on Rives BFK Gray paper.

This obsessive work is, according to Melissa Gould, "a cautionary meditation, suggesting what the local geographical reality might have been like had victorious Nazis succeeded in bringing the Third Reich across the Atlantic Ocean in 1945. At the same time, it is an exploration of psychological transport, place, displacement and memory."

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Further information about Melissa Gould and her work can be found by clicking here.

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