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Tricia Keightley

On occasion, an artist comes into my mental possession that I had previously not known but, somehow, know. It's typically a painter and one who has an affinity for form that contains new means for telling stories about the universe.

Tricia Keightley's work sits in the perfect fold between abstraction and realism. It is honest and deliberate in its recognition of the formal complexity of the spaces we inhabit, the forms of which we dream, and the connections we have yet to make.

I found Tricia's work at the New York Foundation for the Arts' website and I am honored that she agreed to appear on The Site at MANOVERBOARD. I hope you enjoy these


Tricia can be reached via email.

-- Editor.

Artist Statement
The paintings I make may seem organized and pre-planned. Actually, I improvise from the start of the painting until it is finished. I begin with a framing device culled from my interest in printmaking and illuminated manuscripts. From this starting point, I interweave various elements as I build up the entangled composition. The forms I make are influenced by a variety of subjects ranging from the scientific to the mundane. In the end, each painting is an amalgamation of details for the viewer to visually unravel and explore.

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