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 The Archives: Jason Kottke, November 2001
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Jason Kottke

I have been watching - or, rather, enjoying - Jason Kottke's Web site for many months. Without fail, it never ceases to interest and provoke.

A talented designer and an expert witness in his Web logs - which can be found at the link below - I could only wish that his deft with words and images would be spread around a bit, littering other Web sites and Web logs with their sparks of lime green light.

Also notable is Kottke's own font, called Silkscreen, and found on his site. Silkscreen is an excellent and useful Web font. His name above was created with Silkscreen Regular.

It's appropriate that this month begins our own Web log on The Site at called Deckchairs on the Titanic. It will appear with some regularity. We would appreciate your checking it with some regularity as well. Thanks to Victor Sparrow for his engineering assistance in setting out the Deckchairs.

Please click on the image below to visit Jason Kottke's site. Thanks.

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