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Why am I looking at The Site at MANOVERBOARD?
On June 7, 1998 (a Sunday), Editor Andrew Boardman made the decision to bring to fruition the idea of collecting the unique visions of artists and writers on one l'il Web site. You may be looking at this site because he also began, at that time, fortunately or not, sending email notices to a highly select group of art adventurers and other countryfolk. Or, you may be looking at the site because the name popped up in your head, or on,, or any number of other cool, referral sites. We hope that, wherever you came from, you like what you see. And that maybe you'll tell others about it?

How can I contact you?
Easy. Just write to Editor Andrew Boardman at

How can I feature my artwork or writings at MANOVERBOARD?
It's not qite as hard as one might think. The most effective way to feature your work is to go through a number of simple steps that others have followed to have their work featured at The Site. These steps are as follows: 1.) Pull together a small body of work that adequately and eloquently represents what you do and what you want to exhibit. 2.) Send electronic mail to, describing the work you do and attach those images or text that you believe might feature well on MANOVERBOARD. 3.) Wait for a reply. Editor Andrew Boardman will do everything within his power to respond to your email as soon as possible and no later than 5 business days from receipt of initial email. 4.) If a positive decision is reached, the editor will talk about possible dates for featuring your work. If a negative decision is reached, the editor, on the other hand, will kindly ask that you re-submit at another time.

You do web design?
Yes. MANOVERBOARD, L.L.C., the parent of The Site at MANOVERBOARD, designs, produces, develops, and maintains Web sites, as well as logos, and other visual collateral for an array of organizations.

Exactly how much has the world expanded and how far have we gone overboard?
Difficult to know but easier to understand. The Site at MANOVERBOARD represents a very small number of artists who consider the land on which we sit unstable but ready for new tilling. Its aspiration is to "see the world through new lenses," lenses that have as their frame this here inexpensive and bold new medium. We have only gone overboard from the standpoint of passengers on the artistic ship of strife; at sea, however, we will find lifeboats and ready Good Samaritans, mermaids and mermen, and many waves of wonder. Also, lots of water.

Is The Site at MANOVERBOARD free?
Indeed. Only a computer, a monitor and an Internet connection is necessary to "go overboard." We intend to keep it that way until someone can figure out how to make money on the Internet. If you would like to donate to The Site at MANOVERBOARD, please make a donation through Amazon's Honor System by clicking on the link called Donate. All money donated will be used to expand the site and feature more artists. Additionally, if you like, we would gladly feature your name on the Site as a donor.

How can I get on the MANOVERBOARD electronic mailling list?
This one's easy: just go to the MANOVERBOARD home page and put your email address in the box and hit the button that says "Send." That's it. You'll get monthly emails from us.

Privacy policy?
We will not, under any circumstances sell, give away, share, over-utilize or otherwise monetize your email address. Never. Ever. Ever.

We hope you enjoy The Site at MANOVERBOARD.

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