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Paul Miyamoto

Paul Miyamoto is one of those rare talents who combines a love for possibility and the natural eternal in a recklessly beautiful world.

I always believed that his work reflects a kind of staring, in the best sense of the word. He looks and looks and watches and waits and then captures that exact, brief interval when absolutely nothing happens. This is the moment when everything is possible, when nature and certainty collide - and nature wins. It's as if Paul Miyamoto can see six generations ahead and tell us that, while we might not be here, certainly the universe in its motions and moments will.

The Site is honored to present these paintings for the first time on the Web. We hope you will enjoy them.

-Andrew Boardman, Ed.

Paul Miyamoto's Statement (PDF) and Resume (PDF).


Gray Trench
Gray Water and Lenticular
Water Cirrus
Gray Water
Gray Trench, 2001 Gray Water and Lenticular, 2001


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